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Apple Vision Pro: Unveiling Its Features, Price, and Potential Impact on the Australian Market

Discover the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro, a state-of-the-art AR/VR headset equipped with advanced technology and remarkable features. Explore its potential release date, price, and the device's expected influence on the Australian market.

At the moment of drafting this comprehensive guide, Apple Inc. has not officially declared a release date or indicated pricing details for the Apple Vision Pro in Australia. Nonetheless, based on the US price tag and the current exchange rate, an approximate Australian price of around A$5,300 could be expected. This estimation is derived assuming no additional costs are factored in, such as taxes or potential import duties. It's an extrapolation and should be taken as a rough guide until official Australian pricing is released.

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Apple Vision Pro: Revolutionising the AR/VR Industry

The Apple Vision Pro promises to be a game-changer in the realm of AR/VR headsets. By integrating a plethora of avant-garde technology into one sleek, cohesive package, Apple could potentially revolutionise the industry. The device is set to provide eye-tracking, hand-tracking, voice control, and seamless integration with mobile apps. These features, combined with Apple's signature elegant industrial design and a straightforward, accessible user interface, position the Apple Vision Pro as possibly the most advanced consumer-accessible VR headset to date.

However, it's vital to recognise that this high-end gadget might not be designed for the everyday tech enthusiast. While Apple has propagated the notion that the Vision Pro is a device meant for consumers at large, the indications are that this may not entirely be the case. Revealed during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the Vision Pro appears to be a strategic move by Apple, a kind of 'prologue' device before the eventual unveiling of a more mainstream-focused headset.

Regardless of Apple's public emphasis on accessibility and simplicity, the Vision Pro represents more than a premium introduction to the company's unique vision for the AR/VR product category. The device's name and accompanying price tag stand as the testament to this underlying narrative.

Understanding the 'Pro' in Apple Vision Pro

The moniker "Apple Vision Pro" diverges from Apple's typical naming convention. Previous devices from Apple like the MacBook, iPad, and iPhone had 'Pro' versions introduced after the standard versions. For instance, the first iPhone was followed by the iPhone Pro. Similarly, the original MacBook was succeeded by the MacBook Pro. The Vision Pro, however, arrives without an Apple Vision precedent. This is a clear indication of Apple's intent for the Vision Pro to be perceived as the apex of the AR/VR technology realm.

Traditionally in Apple's product line, the 'Pro' suffix denotes the most potent models, designed for professionals who need high-performance features to execute their work efficiently. This naming logic is consistent with the Vision Pro, as it brims with the best hardware and most advanced features available in the AR/VR tech industry today.

Yet, the 'Pro' prefix on an Apple product also implies another crucial detail: a sizeable price tag. This has been a consistent pattern in Apple’s product line. The Mac Mini starts from US$599, the Mac Studio from US$1,999, and the Mac Pro is priced at a hefty US$6,999. The iPad and MacBook Pro versions also come with a considerable price increase when the 'Pro' is added to them.

Apple Vision Pro Apple Vision Pro price Apple Vision Pro release date Apple Vision Pro specifications Apple Vision Pro features Apple Vision Pro review

Apple Vision Pro: A Premium Price Tag

Continuing this trend, the Apple Vision Pro is slated to sell for US$3,499 (which is approximately A$5,300) later this year. This price point is a significant investment for any consumer electronics device. It is even comparable to other high-end tech products; for instance, large-screen TVs and gaming PCs are available at half the price. Also, the combined cost of all current game consoles is less than half the price of the Vision Pro. Interestingly, the headset’s price tag is similar to the Microsoft HoloLens 2 and significantly higher than other VR headsets such as the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, PlayStation VR 2, and Valve Index. In fact, it surpasses the cumulative cost of these four headsets.

Who is the Apple Vision Pro for?

Despite Apple’s legacy of premium pricing, the Vision Pro pushes the boundary even further, seemingly detaching itself from any realistic consumer sales aspirations. It's clear that this device is intended for a very specific market segment.

Apple Vision Pro Apple Vision Pro price Apple Vision Pro release date Apple Vision Pro specifications Apple Vision Pro features Apple Vision Pro review

The Microsoft HoloLens 2 provides a fitting comparison in this regard. Originally designed as a proof-of-concept and enterprise device, the HoloLens 2 was intended to showcase the potential of augmented reality. Its application has predominantly been in professional contexts, such as in industrial settings like hard hat displays, and even within the military. It isn’t the type of device that a typical consumer would casually pick up at an electronics store to use for relaxation at home. The Apple Vision Pro, with its significant price tag, appears to be targeting a similar audience: the early adopters with the financial means to afford such a luxury.

Announcement Context: A Focus on Developers

The context of the Vision Pro’s announcement further reinforces its targeted audience. Apple chose to introduce the Vision Pro during a WWDC keynote, which is primarily a developer-focused conference. This decision indicates that Apple envisions the first-gen headset as a platform to help build a dedicated software library, essentially a canvas for developers who will eventually design apps for a more consumer-oriented, non-Pro version of the Apple Vision in the future.

Apple Vision Pro Apple Vision Pro price Apple Vision Pro release date Apple Vision Pro specifications Apple Vision Pro features Apple Vision Pro review

Vision Pro: A Consumer-Ready Device

However, it’s worth acknowledging that the Vision Pro presentation did show a significant nod towards consumers. Despite being a first-gen product intended primarily for proof-of-concept and software development, the Vision Pro appears to be the most consumer-ready device of its kind. The device's operating system, VisionOS, is another extension of the iOS and iPadOS, and it can effortlessly run iPad apps natively.

This strong foundational base sets the stage for an engaging user experience, with everything from web browsing, watching movies, to making video calls already incorporated. In comparison to the HoloLens or other enterprise-level AR/VR headsets, the Vision Pro will likely be a device that users can bring home and start using immediately, without having to grapple with a limited app library or specialised software. Yet, despite these promising features, the price tag remains a formidable barrier for the typical consumer.

Apple Vision Pro: The AR/VR Equivalent of the Original iPhone

Looking beyond its label, the Apple Vision Pro bears a striking resemblance to another game-changing product in Apple's history – the original iPhone. Despite a challenging initial launch with its high price and lack of an App Store, the iPhone eventually redefined the smartphone industry. Similarly, the Vision Pro, with its blend of advanced features, powerful processing capability, and Apple's timeless design philosophy, could be set to redefine the AR/VR landscape.

However, as with the original iPhone, the Vision Pro serves as a tantalising sneak peek of what’s to come. It is a preview of the potential technological advancements Apple could bring to the consumer market with a more affordable, mainstream Apple Vision headset. Until that happens, the Vision Pro, as awe-inspiring as it is, remains a product that the typical consumer wouldn't realistically consider purchasing.

In the upcoming months, the tech world will keep a keen eye on any updates from Apple regarding the Vision Pro's official release date and pricing for the Australian market. As we stand on the brink of a new era in AR/VR technology, the Apple Vision Pro is indeed a beacon of things to come.

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